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Id like to start adding lights to small dioramas of both static and inflight planes. I really want to use these as cockpit lighting, and accent lighting. does anyone have any tips, or pics with your wiring and types of batteries you used. Anything else is most welcome!


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I have used these for cockpit lighting and it worked very well. This link is only for example and not meant as an endorsement for the seller...


This is actually what I am going to try and use for my next build. They make fiber-optics in lengths that have up to 100+ strands in them, and the strands are no more than maybe the diameter of a needle. I want to use a 20 strand for my next build and light the whole model up. These are flexible and one LED can light the whole model up with just one 20 strand length. What is nice about it is the sell different color strands as well so you can use one white LED and cover 5 or 6 different light colors in the same length.

something like this.


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A better way to buy Fiber optic cable is from here: http://thefiberopticstore.com/FOS-mainpage.htm

Paul is a great guy and if you email him, he will send you a sample pack which will help you decide what size you want to use - and it's free.

Depending on how you want to power your LED's will dictate if you need a resistor or not. Some LED's will take up to a 9V battery without one, but you may be pushing it. If you want to use anything more than that you'll need a resistor for sure. If your unsure on what kind to use, you can ask an electronics store clerk for help.

This is also not exactly an endorsement for this seller, but he is the cheapest guy I have found on evil bay who sells pre-wired SMD's:


Hope this helps

Best regards


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MH--thanks for the links, especially pre wired SMDs. I've soldered enough of those fracking tiny little SOBs to seriously consider going that way. Granted the pre wired cost 4-5X as much, but my blood pressure will be 4-5X lower.

One other point I'd offer is I've used button cell watch/hearing aid batteries for temporary lighting without resistors for years. They are especially useful for show displays where you don't want wires hanging out.

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