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Depends on the graphic program you are using. are you using a paint program? cad program? vector graphics? in most cases, you can define a grid spacing in a paint program like photoshop. in vector graphics like illustrator or Corel draw, in addition to the grids, there are rulers. of course in cad programs you have active measuring tools.

If your problem isn't the software you are using, then take a look at your print settings, make sure "print to fit" isnt checked, and that your print media and settings match.

Hope this helps.

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Mr Blue has got it right. Whatever program you are using you should be able to modify the dimensions. So, if you are trying to scale an image to 48 scale, get ready to do some (simple) math. Do a google search and find the dimensions of the actual aircraft. Convert that to inches by multiplying by 12 then then divide the total by 48 (or 72, depending on the scale you are looking for)and now you have the scale length of your subject. Then I open my graphics program (I use photoshop) and set the canvas width to that length. Import the image profile and scale it up or down until it fits precisely within the borders of your canvas. save and print. You now have a blueprint or profile that is a 1:1 scale of your model. HTH

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