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this brought a tear to my eyes

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This is one of those moments that you just gotta feel good seeing. I can't see it to good, my eyes are overly moist for some reason.... :whistle: .

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Thanks for sharing that! This article has some more of the story.

It does a soul good to see special attention paid to moments like this. I especially like it when it's done before the general public, to get them thinking about the sacrifices made by our military members and their families.

For all who are serving and who have served, I am immensely grateful and thankful.

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We have a tendency to bad mouth the pro-sports world but I have noticed of

late that more and more of the pro-teams are doing this sort of thing for

our returning service men and their families. My hats off to them for

their efforts...



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Not for the same reasons and yes those got me choked up too, but this

also brought a tear or two of joy to my eyes. This is something I hope to do someday with my kids and brings back memories of my first trip as well.
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This was a beautiful video. Honestly this person said it best.

At 1:44 when she threw hear arms out I just lost it. This is what aviation is supposed to be all about. Bless her heart. Best video on Youtube as far as I am concerned.

Absolutely heartwarming. I remember my first flight at 22 years old and leaving home for the first time. I was going to be 3,000 miles from home in Alaska and I was nervous as hell. When we lifted off I can remember what felt like my stomach fall to my ankles. But after that was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. Since then I have been on many flights including back to Alaska.

Awesome videos guys keep em coming.

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