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scale garage 1/10 1/8 , functional lift

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ive been wanting to build something like for awhile, so i figure i give it shot .

ive started by buying a peice 1/4 inch styrene, this way i can bolt stuff to the floor.

right now im waiting the floor covering and the wall covering to come in, in the mean while

i started to build a working truck lift. fr the main post ive used 1 inch square stock with 2 actuators in them .

ive purchased a snap on toll box , which is really kool and highly detailed, also fun a reall kool engine hoist.

ive fun some other stuff too. i believe everybody will like what ive in mine . the truck lift is going to really kool when done

so lets get started





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floor is in , time to start painting the lift


i started on a tire / shelf rack. it plastic on the out but alum square stock on the insides


tire rack and shelf is done, ive made the legs adjustable too


so looking at the garage i wanted to do more then what room i have , so what i did was made a second floor, same wdith,but i will no backer .so i will use this part and slide in front of the other, so this way i can have 2 different views

had to order more flooring


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i worked on a contol panel and oil tank for the truck lift, heares what i have so far


just crazy' date=' not just the craftsmanship but also the imagination that powers it [img']http://solidaxlefan.com/smilies/thumbs.gif[/img]

i think the imagination is the paint fumes lol

added some paint and airhose with impact gun


just in case there is a spill, i drilled 2 holes and put a drain grate . also the floor came in and i ran out to finish it




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i started on an engine stand, everything will work on it. 1st i started on the base , made for styrene square stock. then i cut some solid alum rod and inserted in the framing


next i drill holes for 4 caster wheels . i made these from brackets i had laying around. and for the wheels i will use bearings off an r/c truck


bulkhead is done , next is final paint


i just knowest that the neck on the engine stand is alittle to tall, i will have to cutan 1/2 inch out tomorrow

ive also built an aircompressor


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tody i made an transmission stand, it telescopes and adjust with cork screw up/down and the top plate adjusts to


ramps are made by a buddy of mine from rccrawler(mcrawlinslow ) they turmed out perfect, thanks man


This garage is coming out incredible!!! Love the detail you have put into it so far.

thanks paul' date=' i just racing stripe too


i freind of mine email a picture of a oil drum with pump, it looked really kool to build , be a great item for the garage



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here another item for the garage im making . it does adjust height wise about 3 more inches high, still need to make the front casters wheels and mount rear wheels, i need a hose and an handle. hoping to have in paint soon


the oil drain is done but i need a hose


i receive in some old signs donated from lonnie

wanted to say thank you


so my 1st order from the distrubtors came in

as you can see, holley, headmen headers, summit,msd, arb etc

almost ready to open shop


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:jaw-dropping:/> That is amazing work!! Do you have video of any of it?


the only thing that would be video is the lift .once im done building the control boxes i will make an video . i have a long long way to go on this

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