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pivoting crane / hiab 1/14 scale scratch

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the pockets have ran dry for the next step on my firetruck. so in the mean time

ive been wanting to build a small crane / hiab for the back of a big rig truck. this

will be in a 1/14 scale , completely scratch and close to detail as picture allow me. so if any body out there has clear close up pictures it would be to email with them , especially over sea trucks .

i started at the bottom with the base frame and cross members




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thanks everybody for watching

people are asking what im putting the crane on , i really wasnt going to make the truck, but what hell, might as well. the truck wont be scratch but will be alot of modding

so while the bottom half is drying from painting it, i will get started on the truck

im going to do an 8x4, twin steer k/w, 26 inches , agressive tires in the back, chrome 2 holes bud rims, not sure on motor and transmission yet.




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i took an old shock that looks like a hyrdralic tube, the tube was the right size but not the out shaft. the shaft was 3mm but i needed 6mm. ive als add to hydralic lines . the main is also made and ready for primer and paint



heres a sneak peak on the truck



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a customer stopped by the other day and notice my crane for sell, so he bought it, but hes wants it finished , i installed 2x futaba servos, 3 transmission, he want stock motor 27 turn, bearinged, cab is a king hauler day cab and will hav a flatbed




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so with the style of the truck customer wanted, i move the crane forward, add a day cab , painted it blue with white fender




thanks everybody

flatbed is done, rear + front lights installed and working , fuel tank are mounted, next is the cab



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