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M4A3 105 dozer

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This is the Academy M4A3 105 with dozer blade. I used a few spare DML parts and scratchbuilt some to get the look right. Paint it Tamiya with oil and enamels for weathering.









I have a photo of the real tank at the Chosin Resevoir in December 1950. At that time the dozer blade and .50 were not mounted. I think I have done the kit and the subject justice.


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This is your best Sherm yet!!!!!! I have the same kit but haven't gotten the chance to build it.

BTW, did you see the new company called AK Interactive is coming out with paint sets specifically for tank tracks and tires? Gonna get me some of that!

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Thanks guys!

FF I really went all out on this and tried new methods. It seems to have paid off. I have been looking at the AK line and I like what I see. The Academy kit wasn't bad, just an older tool. Having built lots of DML Shermans, my spares box was ready.

Thank you Moritz!


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