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Marseille, The Star of Africa. Bf109 F-4 Trop, W.Nr. 10137

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Just finished this a last night... 1/32 Hasegawa's Bf109 F-4 Trop kit, finished as Hans Joachim Marseille's third F-4 Trop that he flew... W.Nr. 10137

I used Aires Cockpit, Eduard Harness, Quickboost exhausts and True Detail resin wheels. Mr Colour Lacquerers and AK Interactive washes & pigments to weather...

WIP is here if anyone is interested http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/24-marseille-the-star-of-africa-bf109-f-4trop-wnr-10137/









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Outstanding! You absolutely nailed the weathering; spot on! A lot of people go too far overboard with Mediterranean Theater 109s. It's subtle and way more effective (and realistic in my opinion). Thanks for sharing!


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Thought I'd commented on this, maybe somewhere else :unsure: its a super build & worthy of being used for inspiration & reference, both of which I shall do with my Finemolds kit of Marseille's mount.:)


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