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1/48 Tamiya F-16C 125th FW

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Hey Guys

here is my final photos of my 1/48 Tamiya F-16C done in 125th FW markings,This build will be one of my entries into the QMHE (AUSTRALIA) under 18 category,

Please let me know what you think smile.gif









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I know that this is the Display Case but since you asked...

I think you did an awesome job with the painting and shading of the model. Good control of the airbrush but the demarcation between the medium grey and gunship grey near the cockpit area is IMHO not pronounced enough. The chaff and flare buckets on the underside could use some paint or a wash to bring out their detail. Also, you may want to add some missing parts such as the HUD, the 2 beer can RWRs on the wings, the plugs for stations 2 and 8 since you're not using the pylons and the tail hook. You'll also need to remove the stubs on the intake cheeks and missile rails if you're not intending to mount targeting pods or missiles.

All in all a really good presentation. All the best for the contest!


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Hey Matty,

Good luck in the contest. Just for your information, your F-16 is from the 138FW (Fighter Wing) / 125FS (Fighter Squadron) of the Oklahoma Air National Guard. The 125FW (Fighter Wing) is an F-16 unit of the Florida Air National Guard. I am not going to take the time to explain it, because it would take too much time and space. If you need to put the unit on your entry form, here is what to put down:

"F-16 Fighting Falcon of the 138FW / 125FS of the Oklahoma Air National Guard"

Good Luck Matty,


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Looks great and I doubt that anyone in Australia would know (I may be wrong) but the 125th flew Block 42s the last time I saw them which means small intake and P&WC -229 engine along with the large WAR HUD. Sorry to nitpick.

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Hey Matty, (again) Who made your decals? I have always liked those markings when they had the colorful Indian head on all of their jets. I have been lucky enough to see them in person. Like falcon1974 said, they flew Block 42's. The 180FW in Toledo, OH also flies the Block 42, along with the Bats from Iowa. When they would deploy, they would take some jets from each squadron, so when one of those 3 units deployed, I would get to see F-16's from all 3 units. Lucky me!!! Take care and be safe,


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Your skills are on the up BIG time dude! It's been great seeing you and your modelling techniques grow. This Viper looks great. Have to agree with Mark about some of the missing parts and the demarcation lines, but otherwise it's tops! Nice work buddy.

P.S. The decals look awesome! Where did you source them from?

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