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1/32 Tamiya F-4D Phantom Niagara Falls ANG

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Hello all!! My entry is the Tamiya 1/32 F-4D in the markings of Niagara Falls ANG. I saw this aircraft a looonnnggg time ago at an airshow at CFB Trenton, late '80s or early '90s. Painted in the Hill Gray scheme with noseart of a Rhino, how classic can a F-4 Rhino get. Decals are from an old Cutting Edge sheet i traded for a long time ago from a fellow ARCer. Build will be straightforward with no weapons and centerline fuel tank, maybe wing tanks. I started this build 4-5 years ago but stopped after trying to fit a Black Box pit ( what a MAJOR Pita that was ) Anyway, some pics i took of the aircraft at Trenton.





The decals are for this aircraft, a happy coincidence.


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Watching with great interest! :popcorn:/>

One of these days I might actually get off my butt and start mine.... #66-7550,a MiG killer with the 507th TFW :


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Loonngg time between updates!! Have done most subassemblies and did manage to paint and install intakes. I painted the white parts and grey on the fuselage behind the intake. I was going to remove the BDR panels but after messing up on pretty badly i'll leave the rest alone. I have the cockpit parts primed and basecoated, next step will be to completly mess up the detail painting in the pit then painting the exhaust parts. Hopefully i'll be able to close up the fuselage soon.





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I have a Tamiya 1/32 F-4E that I plan on converting to a Luftwaffe RF-4E "Tiger Meet" jet, watching your progress may cause me to knock the dust off that project and start it up. Great work so far!



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Thanks for the encouragement,guys. These Tamiya Phantoms are really great kits.

I was probably at that Trenton airshow where you took those pics. I used to go every year - my grandparents lived down the road from the Base.

Too bad they don't have airshows like that anymore!

I really enjoyed the Trenton shows, really miss them. Lots of memories...


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