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1/72 Canberra B2

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So as one of my theme builds I have been building a lot of Falklands War stuff in 1/72. I bought the Aztec decal sheet and I am hunting a 1/72 scale Canberra B2. I can find evidence Airfix produced one, and Italeri was apparently going to produce one. In a moment of stupidity I bought the PR version thinking I could find a conversion nose- I thought wrong.

Has anyone seen one in stock anywhere in the world?

I have the same sheet in 1/48 scale but I am not sure I am committed enough to an Argentine Canberra to dedicate that amount of space to one.

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Same here. Some years ago now, it seems MPM, Italeri and Airfix announces the B.2, but nothing happens.

I am from Argentina, I like the Canberra, but I only build 1/72 models.

High Planes from Australia made a Canberra B.2 with Argentine decals, but the price is too high, and the model isn´t good enough.

It´s a shame that the big producers doesn´t made a Canberra B.2. It seems that the only thing we can do is wait...

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Airfix did a B(I)6, but the nose was not particularly accurate. The tooling was altered irrevocably to turn the kit into a B-57 when the company was being run by Palitoy.

High Planes have done various Canberra kits with the 'goldfish bowl' canopy, but the trick is in tracking one down.

Aeroclub did a complete vacform B2 fuselage to use with an Italeri B-57 kit. More recently John Adams did an injection moulded nose conversion, he might still have these for sale.

Airwaves did a resin nose conversion, I haven't seen any of these for ages.

The MPM/Italeri B2 has been a future release for about five years.


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Hey all. Newbie here.

If you can find a DB (Dave Buttris) conversion for the Italeri B-57B, you'd be able to make a great Can...B2. It was resin, with really nice interior detail, as well as three beautiful MB seats. The transparent nose and fishbowl were vacformed and also pretty nice. It also came with Canberra intakes. A couple of simple cuts and you had a great, and very accurate B2. If you've never seen the DB range, (Mid-late 80's) you really missed out. They were beautiful. C-130, Canberra, RB-57F for the Italeri kit, KC-135... on and on. All 72, though. The range was sold by a shop in Britain, ED Models. When they were available I got everything I could. They had an early B-52G and a late one as well. They did the same for the 'H', all for the Mono kit. A Combat Talon Blackbird set for the Italeri C-130, with fulton forks... HC-130, refueling pods, small outboard drop tanks for early Herc's..........

Sorry. I really like his stuff. Probably only on Ebay now. Well worth searching for.

Confused? Don't blame you, but I hope this info helps.


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