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I had posted this in the Display Case but nobody looked at it there... maybe here...

I started this one quite some time ago and finished it this afternoon. Built pretty much OOB with stowage from my spares bin and a TC figure from the Dragon US Tank Crew set.








Thanks for looking, comments and critiques welcome...

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I am glad you like it guys. It appears armor fans on this site are definitely in the minority...

Sadly this is an aircraft site first, second and third. It started as an aircraft site and the other areas weren't added till much later and by then the armor modelers already found their home at places like Armorama and Missing Lynx.

I have a couple Tasca Shermans in the stash I need to build.

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Thank you 11B

Lodewijk, from the site's title, that is not unexpected. We few, we happy few...

I have heard and seen nothing but good things about those Tasca Shermans. I really need to find one on sale and ****** it up.

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For some reason I thought it was the Sherman thread. :rofl:

They look great in the box. They can be expensive, but I both of mine on sale. Though, I mostly build German armor.

By the way, what did you use for weathering?

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:angry: Sherman thread???!!! Just kidding... I am happy to see any Allied armor... :coolio: They look even better built up. Those are very popular kits with the local AMPS chapter here.

My weathering was quite simple: pin wash of burnt umber (MM Enamel) ; dry brush of faded OD (MM Enamel); a heavy coat of raw umber (MM Acryl) airbrushed onto the suspension and lower hull followed by a lighter coat of raw sienna (MM Acryl)airbrushed on there, and a light dusting of that on the upper surfaces of the tank.

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