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1/35 scale Huey Cobra

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I like it.

I built one of these last year and gave it some surf boards and a scheme chosen by my son, partly because the kit came with prototype markings, which I didn't like. Did the markings you applied come with a different boxing or are they from an after market sheet? Either way, it looks well mean.

My dad saw early model cobras during his time in Vietnam. Being interested in aviation, he would spend his spare moments watching whatever was moving, and was first made aware that something new was about when he saw helicopters in the distance raining fire on the ground in a manner different to that from the Huey gunships. When he saw one up close, he was fascinated, but as it nosed away from the pad, the gunner turned to wave at the friendly Aussie digger, incidentally traversing the turret so Dad found himself staring up the barrels of its armament and no longer smiling.

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