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Replacement hasegawa parts

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Okay folks,

It's been quite a while since I've posted here, and as a kind of comeback I've decided to start a build. Anyway, I broke out a Hasegawa Hornet kit from the still growing stash and saw that one of the parts was slightly warped. I took the initiative to un-warp it using hot water and well... let's just say that it didn't end well and I'm going to need a replacement part.

I have done the forum search and googled the problem and managed to find distributor details for the US, The listed Australian distributor Toy Traders Sales don't seem to have a web site. HLJ only offer replacement parts for those missing or broken from kits they sold, and rainbow ten aren't making international sales any more, so I can't think of any other options. I don't mind paying for the part and postage since my 'fix' of minor fault in the part was what really ruined it beyond repair.

I can't honestly remember where I got the kit from and it's a pretty prominent part that I don;t have the skills to scratch build a replacement - (half of a leading edge flap).

Any help with locating a source for replacement parts that serves 'down under' would be appreciated.



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the problem maybe the same as mine. l need canopy parts for a 1/32 F-5E and may not get them as it is out of production. If you are on facebook try messaging them direct or find the Hasegawa site and see if they have a parts section

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Okay, well I can post an actual solution for this one! I managed to get in touch with the Australian Distributor - Toy Traders by their telephone number 02 9749 1733. They have ordered me a new sprue with the missing part for just the cost of shipping from Japan - only $10 in this case. While their website may have lapsed they still offer good old fashioned customer service the 20th century way!

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