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I have started on the decals!


The decals are thick, which is not totally a bad thing, since I am a bit clumsy with decals. There was also a lot of white gunk on the decals after they lifted off the paper, so I wiped it all off before applying the decal. since they are thick, they are tolerant of the extra handling required.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have beed studying for professional certs, and I started a new position, which also required a test after starting, so I have been pretty busy. I also had to deal with going from nights to days. with the tests behind me I can relax with a clear conscience and get back to the phantoms.

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Still plugging away. When I was in my teens I would do the whole decal job in one sitting. now it takes several sessions. The kit instructions do not give great guidance. Would this plane have had a lot of stencils? The walkways are from a Micro scale sheet of phantom walkways. very handy.


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Still going on this ...

I got the decals finished and a satin clear on it.


I used Polly Scale Satin clear, which has about the sheen I was going for, no flat, not shiny. It is flying now to allow it to dry. It is a bit rough, but I have not finished an airplane model is over 10 years. it will be a good 10 footer. While the clear dries hard, I will keep on decaling 3 other phantoms, then start painting the tires, which is another task I dread.

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