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1/35 Tank M113 ACADEMY

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First off, it is not a tank, but an Armored Personnel carrier, or APC. It looks neat w/the articulated track (even as unrealistic as you have it), but it has a bunch of issues. The biggest is basic contruction skill such as seam lines on things like the exhaust stack, rear jerry cans, and ammo boxes should have been sanded off. Parts are misaligned, knockout pin marks not filled on the top troop hatch interior, headlights not painted, decal film showing and silvering of some decals, etc., etc., etc... Also, the M134 minigun was not commonly used on M113s. A few were fitted to USAf airfield security tracks, but not Army tracks as you have depicted. Lastly, the bumper numbers are backwards; 11 ACR should be on the left side (as viewed from in front of or behind the vehicle) and the A 12 on the right.

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