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I managed to get a start on this the other day.

I started working on the engine nacelles. Unfortunately, it turns out I am missing one of the wheel well bay tops, so I have decided to build this as a wheels up build. The wheel well doors is HORRIBLE, so it has taken a lot of time to get them looking passable.

You can see the small indent I had to fill here where the door hinge was supposed to mount


here is how I filled the hole mentioned above


I had to extend the rear doors to fill a significant gap


here you can see the whole thing put together with a quick initial sand


I should have some more work done next week. I am off to the Geneseo Airshow this weekend and I REALLY want to get my spitfires done.


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not much to show with this build. I have since painted the details, flat coated everything and glued the fuselage together. the kit was missing one of the control columns, so I am hoping no one will notice nce the canopy is glued on. time will tell.




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sorry for the delay everybody. Things have been busy around here. I have been getting work done on this, just not as much as I would have liked.

I am in the midst of painting this one and it is looking great.

Here are a few pictures of where I am at now:









Thanks for looking,


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No pictures till this is done.

I have all the decals on and the majority of the weathering is done. I just need to spray a bit of exhaust, flat coat and then add the fiddly bits. Should be done in the next week or so!!!

Stay tuned for the completed kit!!!


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