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VA-165 Booming Intruders A-6E

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He'll yes! Can't wait to see this one. If I can do anything to help, lmk!

He one thing you do want to get right is the paint colors. Decals are FS printed. Tan is easy. Light color here is no bottling of. 9:1 radome tan to military brown is just about perfect. My mixes from 8:1-12:1 were all in the ballpark. But 9:1 if you figure it out is a bullseye.

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Sorry about the late start everyone. I have been busy as hell. Work, moving into a new house, and my relationship with my Fiancee renewing its self. Anyway I have pulled this out of the stash and hopefully will be able to finish it by the 30th of December. Its going to be OOB except the Fighter Town Decals.

The cockpit has its first paint on and the fuselage has its first coat of paint. After it dries I will continue paint. I can already see the fuse needsw more filler. Not bad but its driving me nuts because its on the spine of the aircraft.



Hopefully I can have most of the pit painted and put together tomorrow, then its on to attaching the wings and installing the pit in the fuse. After that everything will be closed up permanently. Which gets details from there. Stay tuned this will be my fastest build yet. I want it finished for this GB and to have it ready for when I finish the Prowler.

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Testors is the only paint I have access to. I do not want to pay the online prices for something that is no better than the paint I use. That being said I use Klean Strip lacquer thinner for everything from thinning paint to cleaning my airbrush.

It's cheap and works like a charm. Because it is such a HOT thinner ie( makes paint dry faster I suggest experimenting with a model you don't care about before trying it with something that is your pride and joy. Because it is so HOT it will dry your paint in half the time regular thinner drys in. This is why I say experiment.

This stuff is strong but its not like its going to kill plastic I just don't want to see you ruin a model because the paint drys so fast with this stuff.

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