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1/72 SAAF Vampire FB52

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I have been eyeing this kit in my stash for a while now so I thought I'd start off with it.

I will be building it as SAAF #213 of the Advanced Flying School in Pietersburg, South Africa.




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Finished painting this little beauty! I am not happy with the silver paint. I used Tamiya X-11 and it looks a bit grainy. I am however very happy with the dayglo! (Humbrol 209 over Tamiya XF-2)


Have already applied a few decals. Hopefully it will be done by the end of the week! :)

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Finally done! The decals gave me all my days! I made them myself and after 4 reprints I am happy with the results. I bought the springbok castles at a hobby shop in Johannesburg a few weeks ago. They are quite old but still looks good!





Also did not add enough weight in the nose so she's a tail sitter :bandhead2:/> !

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