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I have the following 1/48 kits for sale - prices do not include shipping. I will accept payment via PayPal as long as you agree to pay the PP service fees OR you send payment via one of the personal PP payment options. I will also accept US$$ Money Orders. If interested please contact me directly via email at: GNomad781(at)gmail.com I will try and respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

NOTE: I will give PREFERENCE to those wishing to buy multiple kits! Depending on the # of kits you wish to purchase (3 or more) I will also considering sharing 1/2 the shipping costs with the buyer.

Hasegawa Mitsubishi F-2B (kit# PT29)

- $25.00

Hasegawa IDF F-16I 'Sufa" w/the following extras:

- $38.00

- Aires P&W exhaust nozzles (resin replacements)

- HobbyDecal metal pitot tube

Hobby Boss IDF Mirage III-CJ (kit# 80316)

- $14.00

ProModeler/Monogram F-15E Strike Eagle (kit# 85-5965)

- comes with decals from 1998 Tigermeet Competition

- also included in the box are a bunch of "Smart Bombs"

from the Hasegawa Weapons Set D.

- $20.00

Italeri 1/48 UH-1N Twin Huey Gunship

- $19.00


I am willing to sell to buyers outside of America however you should know right up front that now that the US Postal Service no longer offers "economy service" the cost of shipping these kits via air mail is VERY expensive....and in some cases I would require that the kits be send via Registered Air Mail. Please just keep this in mind.

Best regards,

Tim Lingle

(NJ - U.S.A)

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