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Avast (anti-virus software) no longer blocks ARC

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Some of us who use Avast for anti-virus software, found that the last update about 2 weeks ago blocked ARC forums due to a "Malware Threat". To get around this, you had to turn off most of the Avast protection, which of course exposes your computer to viruses from other sites if you're not careful. I sent out a few emails to Avast last week and they finally capitulated over the weekend with a nice email back that all was now well with ARC. Not bad for a FREE software package!

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FWIW, if you're after "Free" Anti Virus and Anti Malware with minimum fuss, I strongly suggest the following combination that has worked very well for me:

- For reactive, signature-based Anti Virus scanning, install Microsoft Security Essentials, for scanning of files downloaded from Internet, USB, etc. If you don't trust Microsoft AV, then install AVG's free version

- For Anti Malware, install K9 Web Protection (www.getk9.com) - this software was designed with content filter/parental control in mind, but you can configure it to only block malicious categories. It leverages some cloud-based web intelligence for real time malware blocking.

- For firewall, just use the built-in Windows Firewall, which is good enough in standard desktop use cases anyway.


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