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Tamiya 1/350 U.S.S. New Jersey

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It's been quite some time since I posted a build thread and it's about time I did. There's not a lot of ship building done on this site (Air Resource Center, go figure ;)/>/>/>) but I figure it can't hurt to dabble in other topics.

I've had the New Jersey for about 2.5 years now, waiting to be built. In that time I had picked up Eduards photoetch set for it, replacement turned brass barrels from B&D Barrels as well as Pontos Models scale wood deck. Pontos has released a full upgrade set since, which probably includes even more than what I've already purchased, sadly. Good thing I have the Missouri in the stash as well!

So, while the wife was out at the local amusement park, I sat down and finally got back into the swing of things. Since buying a house and moving in last April, I never really set up a "man cave/work bench. So, what better place than our dining room, since it is flooded with light all day?! I started work on the turrets, figuring this would be a simple, easy start. 5 hours later, I have one "mostly" done. Not three, one. I've never worked with PE this tiny and I really think I've going cross eyed while working on it! 33 and the eyes are toast! :)/>/>/>

To start, I began removing the ladders from the turret #2


I smoothed out the areas where the ladders had been, then began bending up the PE. TINY!


After that, attachment began.





I started next on the barrels....well, one so far. I removed the plastic barrel and drilled out the blast bag to accept the new brass barrel.


And here's where we ended for the day. I will be working on improving the seal between the blast bag and barrel, since it should be flush and now gap. That's for the next work session.


One question, if anyone knows. Eduard provides rails that go around the top of the turret, but I can't find any picture of the real thing with these rails. Are they fictitious?

This is going to be a long term build, as there is so much PE for this ship. I'm just glad I finally started it! Though, I might have to build a F-4 or my Eurofighter as a distraction!

Feel free to comment, critique, say hi, whatever.


Brett M

PS, mods, if I'm not allowed to post this in here, that's fine. Figured it might actually get looked at here versus the ship section on ARC. :)

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