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Air America crash scene

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Hi guys,

Here's my next attempt, I've been looking forward to this one for a while now. The Mach 2 C-123 couldn't have been worse if they tried so it's going to push my skills to the limit trying to get it looking respectable. I've never tried a proper NMF before and I think that will make it or break it.

I'm going to model it on the crash in the movie where the Porter is taxied into the cargo area of the C-123.

It'll be a huge challenge but bring it on!










I won't be using the colourful decals for the Porter so they are free to a good home if anyone wants them.

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I made a start on the Porter since it's the easiest of the two kits. I scratch built a basic pallet out of balsa and made some flour sacks out of painted and washed Blutac. Most of it wont be seen once it's closed up and inside the C-123 but I thought I better just in case. Fuselage is closed up and tail section is on, once that's all sanded down I'll start on the damage to the wings.




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Thanks guys,

I started on the C-123, there isn't many parts but it's still going to take a lot of work to get looking ok. I still can't believe Mach 2 can sell something so bad. this is the sort of thing I've got to contend with:






I've opened up the side doors, and got most of the sub-assemblies together. All of them are going to need filling and sanding.



next up will be cutting out the cargo doors and ramp and cutting the fuselage in half

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Nice idea for a dio, a favourite movie of mine too. I'll be keen to see how the Classic Planes Porter comes up, tossing up between one of these & HPM one but the latter seems out of production just now.


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I couldn't find either brand until a very helpful member on here offered to sell me the one he had in his stash. Good luck, if you haven't decided on what scheme to do you can have my decals since I will be using the Air America set.

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I'm actually pretty keen to do the shark mouthed jobby that the drugboss/warlord was running, in truth just a RTAF AU-23 with the Thai markings removed. The HPM one comes with that scheme though the molding on your classic planes one look pretty good too.


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That would look good too, I forgot about that scheme.

I made the initial cuts tonight and surprisingly everything on the inside aligns quite well. The floor is level with the bottom of the cut out doors and the rear flight deck wall aligns with the side of the front door. Even the porter will fit in nicely once the tail is cut off.







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I gotta start looking at the Diorama section more often. This is a cool idea. Air America is one of those movies that if I am skipping through the channels and find it on, it doesn't matter what part of the movie it is at, I will sit and watch it. I don't think I have ever seen a kit as rough as that C-123.

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I cut the wings, tail, rudder and elevators off the porter and started on the damage.

The wings were solid plastic so I needed to hollow them out:







beginnings of an internal structure:


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Thanks HAJO

I managed to get a lot done over the last couple of days. The porter is almost finished, all the major work is done, I just need to add the props and exhaust and cut out some of the windscreen to look like it was smashed and start on the weathering. I'm going to use some crystal clear for the side windows.

It's starting to look the part, even though most of it will never be seen inside the C-123 but the weathering should help bring it to life some more.








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Excellent work!!

I definitely remember and enjoy that movie. I grew on the C-123 and Pilatus like I grew onto the Tomcat when I saw Top Gun. Your build reminded me to watch that one again soon.

Your build is going amazingly! I love seeing how you mangled the Pilatus so convincingly, and how terrible a model kit (C-123) can really be!

Thanks for sharing!

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Wow, 2013! Time flies when you're having fun.


That C-123 was so bad it sucked my will to live so the whole thing was thrown out. 


I've finally got around to starting again, but using a much better kit this time. 





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