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NEW from WEM: 1/72 Scale Modern RAF 1,000 lb Bombs

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We've finally begun our own in-house casting! First into production are our 1/72 RAF 1,000-Pound GP Bombs:


These will be offered in packs of 2 as Pro 7205, priced at £2.99 including VAT, and in packs of 7 as Pro 7206, priced at £8.35. Pro 7206 is intended for use with the 1/72 scale Vulcan; each pack will fill one internal bomb rack on the Airfix 1/72 Vulcan kit. Each Vulcan has 3 racks, so a full bomb load consists of three packs of Pro 7206. Both items are now shipping, so place your order and get those aircraft armed!

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The tail doesn't look right to me,the's no cut out in the center for the impelor.They're also slick,non retarded tail units,also the nose does't have the Mk-960 MFBF so they'd be all but useless on Tornado,Harrier or Jag after 1991,when the fuse came into service,unless you modify the nose shape.The 960 is fitted in a fairing that covers the nose forward of the yellow HE marker ring.

Photo credit to D.L.

Slick tails;


Retarded tails;


960 MFBF;


Merv (RAF Armourer)

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