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1/9 Ducati Desmosedici RR

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Hi folks

I'm back this time with the Italeri 1/9 Ducati Desmosedici RR, so far this is what I've done.

1. I have replaced the radiator as the original was no good.



2.The shock absorber was also upgraded as the original strut was to soft and bent under pressure, its covered up as the engine is due for paint the other covered items are the oil cooler hoses.


3.The main frame had the two front strut parts changed as they were not the right angle like the real one.


4.The rear seat hump has had some change in the way of the rear number plate housing and the enamel panel that sits over the exhaust outlet.



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5.The rear swing arm had the brake housing removed as it didn't resemble the real thing, I have also added the bobbins where the stand supports the bike and a brake hose clip has been added but its not shown in this pic, and I'm now working on a new brake caliper housing for the rear brake.




I also added a brake reservoir to the rear of the foot peg mount.


6.The brake reservoirs on the handle bars have had a touch up one being totally replaced as it was to large and now looks the part.


I also made good the front suspension.



Cheers Clive

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Great work. It's such as shame that those 1/9th bikes from Protar and now Italeri are so toy-like. In such a large scale, they could be amazing kits OOB if the manufacturer put any effort into it.

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