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I got this a while ago from an uncle who had picked it up at a local flea market- it was missing some bits. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10127480

It is the Italeri Su27 naval flanker which is not accurate so I have decided to call it a SU27B? that the Russians were trying to sell to the RNZAF instead of the F16s from the USA.

The story would be that with the massive finds of oil/gas off of the Taranki (in the Tasman Sea and within the NZ Economic Zone) as well as the oil/gas that was substantiated in the Hawkes Bay, the NZ Government (lead by Labour at the time) decided that instead of looking at 'just' F16s that there would be also an option from Russia as well. The MiG29 was decided against as it's 'legs' were too short whereas the Su27 was capable of both serious Anti-Air AND Anti-Surface operations at range.

With the massive increase of revenue with oil production, NZ was able to go 'a bit further' and look at other options for aircraft. Russia was willing to play ball.

Russia sent out 3 units of the SK and two units of the UBK (two seaters) to be based out of RNZAF Base Ohakea.

In short - this is a big departure from my normal 1/144 scale stuff.

I am having a minor go at some 'metal colour' with brushes on the exhausts - it will do for about 2ft viewing of it ;)/>

Some minor filling I am doing too, but this will in the end end up probably in the bin.

Why? Because a little girl will be playing 'planes' with it :)/>

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Yes.. there are/were..

Still will be but the painting is taking the time.. even though it is supposed to be a simple build.

I don't think i will complete this one... but I will post up the images when they are ripped from the camera/files/uploaded :)

It is interesting seeing the Su27 in the RNZAF scheme - quite a green blur. I would think that the Safety and Surface section would be pushing for the All Over green ASAP with this one. Either that or a simple "Grey".

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Ok.. finally pulled my finger and done this as a finish but a little rough.

This is probably going to end up being painted in the MyLittlePony Airforce colours in a few days time. :)

I like Italeri's clarity of canopy plastic but I don't like how the molded lines are not straight (the framework between the front and rear halves is not consistent at all).

It should be easy to drop the slats (if those are slats) on the leading edge of the wings - lots of plastic there and a natural cut point too.

I would advise using a really glossy surface before putting on the OldModel decals (as you will probably see) or silvering will occur. I don't know if I was being a 'nanna' when I gave the decals an overcoat of Microscale Liquid Decal film. I will have a closer look at when I do the A4K later on.

It certainly does look unique and a possible scheme. Practical? I don't know. If the RNZAF were to have this as a real craft I would imagine that it would be all-over grey OR it would have a light blue/aluminium finish underbody and a standard A4Kahu green on top. ( could imagine that last one then taking on a 'special scheme' and having a great big Silver Fern stenciled on in black. THAT would look awesome. :)

Ok.. now for pics...






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Nice back story, if only. ;) Interested to see how the oldmodels decals performed. I've read that its a good idea to trim them fairly close, I always bed my decals with a 50/50 mix of Klear & water. That seemes to sort any hassles with silvering & conforming to panel lines. You Su looks pretty darn good in that scheme. :thumbsup:


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