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Hi everyone, normally I just sell/buy/trade but this time I have a special reason to sell. My cousin relinquished guardianship of his granddaughter to me due to his poor health. At the time he was just going to turn her in to the courts for foster care. I found out the day before the court hearing and stepped in to take over last month. Then a week ago, my cousin had a heart attack and died and I am scrambling to get a lawyer and an emergency session with the judge. Until then, her school, medical needs etc., are all on hold because I do not actually have guardianship of her yet, though I do have physical custody.

Anything will help offset these unexpected expenses, I tried to price things fair (to move) so I appreciate your time taking a look, thanks!

Prices do NOT include shipping.

1/72 AMT. XB-70. 30

Airfix. BAe Nimrod. 30 SOLD

1/48 AccMin. B-25B. 30

B-25B. 30

1/32 CutEdg. Hawk 75 conversion. 25

Rev. Hawker Hunter FGA 9. 25

Has. F-104C. 25

Has. F-104J/G. 25

Trum. A-7E. 70

Trum. F-105G. 80

Trum. Mig-29M. 60 SOLD

1/200 Trum Bismarck. 225 (big kit so s/h will be high but price is almost 50% off MSRP)

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I am Sorry to Hear about your cousin And his granddaughter. I world be willing to purchase the nimrod. Is it still available? If so how would You like payment?

How much for shipping to US zipcode 07660?

Thank You,


Thank you Ivan, yes it is available. I will send you a pm with details.

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Thank you Ivan, yes it is available. I will send you a pm with details.

List updated. FYI I plan to attend the Reno show on the 7th (will have a greater selection there) so if you plan on attending, look me up... Save on shipping, pay in advance if you like. Thanks to those who have already made purchases... Every bit helps.

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Hi there,

Before the forum collapsed I had flagged an interest in the hunter depending on how mad the cost of shipping to Australia was. I know you guys feel that you have recently had a big shipping hike but to be honest I just bought a 1/48 Tornado of someone here and the postage was only $16.41. This is only marginally higher than the domestic postage for the same kit ($13.40)!

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