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Extreme weathering, no paint, just rust and streaked mud

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heres my issue, I dont have any idea where to start as far as weathering goes with this project.

The idea is to set a derelict M4A1 sunken to point where only part of the drive sprockets are above ground level, the engine deck will be sunken to the open open engine compartment doors ( there will be a TREE sprouting from the engine compartment), the driver and A driver hatches are slightly open, the turret is rotated to one side, the cannon barrel has been cut off at the mantlet, the commanders cupola has all the vision blocks missing, its hatch is slightly open, and the loaders hatch is shut and its springs are broken. The turrets exterior is already distressed, antenna mounts, AA machine gun base, vane sight, basically anything prone to rust or easy to remove is already GONE.

The finished product wont have any paint except in a few nooks and crannies. But I have no idea how to even start the process once I get to the painting.

Any help here with material recommendations and techniques would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time.

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PLENTY of resources for what you're looking to do. A few to start:

Check out MIG Productions and AK Interactive, both have similar products, books, and instructional DVDs to get you going. (They backstory is that the guy that started MIG lost the company in a divorce and took his knowledge and connections and started AK, so AK probably has the more cutting-edge stuff at this point.) I like the Track-Link forums for tank stuff, but there are plenty of others who hang out on Missing Lynx, Planet Armor, or Armorama. There's a Weathering magazine out that's on its 4th or 5th issue now--it's available either in hardcopy or electronically and is worth checking out.

Good luck!


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thanks for the nudge in the right direction, I'm going to scour the net to see what else I might be able to find, MIG and AK are really something else

I Googled "derelict tanks" and this is the first image that came up.


and you can use this stuff. http://www.squadron.com/Rustall-System-KR0001-p/kr0001.htm

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