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I like Richard's work of various What Ifs and since I had a few Sea Harrier kits kicking around I figured "what the hecK" and emailed Richard here on ARC. He said "sure" and so I have slowly worked on it.

Once again I feel that I have let myself down with the masking and the amount of paint on the model. I have to work out a finer way of getting the opacity that I want WITHOUT the edges that appear with paint build-up.

I am happy with how it turned out (on the whole).

I made a simple error with the engine fan - I left it out completely! What to do? AhhA! Intake covers. I hope that they appear to be made of the fabric that the real ones are made of.

Still the cockpit is grossly thick - you cannot put the seat in to the correct height AND have the canopy on. Left off are various blade antenna - one of these days I may get some stock card.

Decals used are a mixture of the Minicraft and Sweet.

ANYWHO... on to pictures... and a couple of Work in Progress ones to show that I started it. (way back in April no less - damn am I slow with this or what?)

My biggest issue (apart from the whole shape and angle and tail-planes and masking etc) was the colouring. I didn't get the right colours until I went to Italy! Crazy huh? Some old gunze H42 for the top and some classic ModelMaster RLM78 for the underside. Well, that was my take on the blues used currently - I hope they are close at least.

Ahem.. Pictures. Now... Ok. :)




Ain't it great that it is in focus? >_<








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