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Raffle Prizes & Sponsors

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The fun part!

It is with great pleasure that I announce some sponsorship of the GB. Mac's Modeling has jumped on board as a key sponsor with a bevy of prizes and a storewide discount during the GB. If you don't know Mac's is one of the best sites to acquire a smörgåsbord of kits, decals, and accessories. They are located stateside and provide quality service that is unmatched. He has graciously offered the following prizes for the end of the GB and also is offering a 10% discount on store purchases made for the GB. Possibly even a higher discount depending on the item. When placing an order make sure to mention the GB on ARC and thank them for being a title sponsor.

See their site here.


Kits that have been donated from Mac's

1 x TAM20001 Tyrrell P34

1 x TAM20010 Ferrari 312T3

1 x TAM20012 Ligier JS11

1 x TAM20017 Brabham BT50

1 x TAM20018 Renault RE30B

1 x TAM20019 Williams FW11

1 x TAM20049 Ferrari F1 2000, Clear Body

1 x TAM20051 Ferrari 312T3, Clear Body

1 x FUJ09064 Lotus 97T

1 x EBR20002 Lotus 72C Rob Walker Team

1 x EBR20003 Lotus 72E

We'd also like to welcome Indycals as a sponsor of the GB. Indycals specializes in Indy and Formula 1 decals. Their quality is unsurpassed and their prices are incredible. I've personally used their decals on several of my projects and they're very helpful and will get you what you need. He also deals with Ebbro kits now and sells package deals with missing decals for some of the Ebbro kits. The owner of Indycals is an avid racing fan and travles to several different races and modeling events. I know he was just at the Nats recently and maybe some of you have seen his work. Also have just got into the realm of 3D printing and has made several parts for early Indy Cars.

I'm still in the works of finalizing everything with them so keep an eye on this space.

Check out their awesome decals and parts at...


Our own Ron (bashace) GB host extraordinaire has kindly donated a 1/12 Yardley McLaren M23 from Tamiya

I'll some things also but what has yet to be determined. If you'd like to donate something contact me or post it here and we'll get it added to the list. Remember we will have participants across the globe so if that's an issue let me know and we can make arrangements or whatnots.

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Michael from Indycals will be sending me some sheets. I'm not sure on the exact number yet. If there's enough for everyone I'll randomly draw names from a hat and ask for people's choices. Will be first come first serve after that. I will naturally choose last.

Also the list from MAC's is confirmed. Everyone gets a kit! So we will do the same thing and randomly draw. I will once again choose last.

Bashace's prize is the best offering so it will be randomly drawn first from all completed builders. Sorry jake only one entrance in the drawing. Whoever wins this kit will not receive a kit from Mac's though. I believe that's fair. They will still get a sheet from Indycals if there is enough.

This all may take a few days and ill pm everyone when we're ready to go.


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Alright I got the decals from Indycals. 5 sheets total so I won't get one and I think possibly one other person won't sorry about that.

I'll write names and put everything into a hat and have my 6 yr old draw them after I get her from school here. Will post results and pm everyone later. If I don't get to it today I'll have my 3 yr old draw the names tomorrow and post then.

Decal choices are.

1/20 scale seat belts

1/12 scale 1968 Rob Walker Lotus

1/20 scale Lotus 97T

1/20 scale Benetton B192 includes Camel markings (this is a new sheet he just came out with. The yellows on this sheet have since been changed but everything else is usable)

1/24 scale McLaren MP4/2c Rosberg markings for the Protar kit. Barcodes not Mboros. Also includes dayglo numbers.

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