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Here's where you can post your completed GB entries. Please limit the pics to 1 post which is about 5-6 photos. You can link your wip thread if you'd like to add more photos there.

Please also include kit manufacturer, scale, any after market used, and any other information you'd like to include about the kit or the actual car itself.

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Here is my latest model, Fujimi's Ferrari 126C2. It is Gilles' Long Beach '82 car, which features the strange 'double' rear wing which later got him disqualified from the final standings.

I used Tamiya seatbelts, and paint was Tamiya, Citadel, Vallejo and Alclad.

The kit is awful, and the majority of the parts do not fit. I also had problems with painting it, as Fujimi seem to use a strange plastic that reacted badly with a lot of different paints.







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Here is my second completed entry:

Here is my latest finished model, EBBRO's Lotus 72E. I expected this kit to be fantastic, however I ended up slightly disappointed. I found the front suspension assembly and the gearbox both impossible to build. I attached the gearbox to the engine, and about a week later, I noticed it was wonky. So, I had to detach every single one of the rods in the engine area, and then cut the gearbox away from the engine.

But for the most part, this was a good kit.

I used Tabu Design decals for the JPS markings, Tamiya seatbelts and the EBBRO front nose frame as aftermarket parts.

I am still waiting for a nameplate, which is why there is a big gap on the base!


20140209_180249 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140209_180341 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140209_180351 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140209_180404 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140209_180429 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140209_180538 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140209_180756 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


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I made it! Tamiya 1/12 Lotus 78 done up in the colors of Gunnar Nilsson. I used ProTech braided hose, BR Motion fittings and MFH intake mesh. Decals are from Museum Collection and the tire logos are from Indycals.





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