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Welcome and rules and such

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Welcome to the ASW GB.

For this GB, you can build any plane, any scale, with or without aftermarket, that was/is used in the anti shipping role. And I also count submarines as ships for this GB.

You can build dedicated planes like the Nimrod, Neptune, Tracker or PB4Y-2. Or planes with a secondary anti-shipping role like a Norwegian F-16A with the AGM-119 Penguin missile or an A-7 Corsair II loaded with mines. Of course, helicopters count too.

Some types have served in this role, but not all of them. For example, the B-52G got the AGM-84 Harpoon added to its capabilities, but only 30 or so could use them. Or the Tornado, not all RAF and Luftwaffe units used this in the ASW role. So make sure you pick the right version and unit.

Bottom line is, you can build anything, as long as it was being used in the anti shipping role. If you have doubt about a certain subject, just post and ask. :)

Have fun!

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