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Tamiya 1/12 Lotus 78

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I'm in with this:


And, Jay was correct, it will be done up in the Imperial scheme of Gunnar Nilsson:


The fact that it's 1/12 and I build at a glacier pace, don't expect much progress soon. After all... I have a year! :woot.gif:

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Ok... it's been awhile. I found a photo of the car and I'm open to suggestions as to what color the side pods are. I can paint the chassis bright red but not sure of the pods. Hiro Boy says light red, I'm leaning more towards a burgundy color.


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Been a few replies on F1M. Most say to use the Zero Paints set if you can get it. In the US that's about impossible.

One guy posted this

"I only use Tamiya rattle cans. For the Imperial Lotus 78 I used TS8 Red on a grey primer for the brown(ish) color and TS49 Bright Red on white primer. And so it looked:


Another answer...

"I used Zero's two colors and they were much prettier than pictures show. The dark color was a dark burnt orange like halfway to brown. The light color was a very vivid glowing orange like day-glow orange with a few drops of brown and regular orange in it. It comes alive under bright lites. The lettering was like a butter yellow."

Doesn't really help but maybe a starting point? I'm not so sure about the TS49 to be the brownish/red?

Maybe try Scale Auto Finishes to mix the paints for you?

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I know it's been a long time, but progress has been made. It's not gonna make it by the deadline, but I'll post anyway.

Engine finally done... RB Motion fittings, ProTech braided hose and MFH intake mesh.



Body is ready for paint.


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