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HobbyBoss Modern US Jets

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I've gone off the deepend (well when SWMBO finds out :D :scared0016::pray: ) and purchased a HobbyBoss 1:48th F-14D. Research to decide which kit to buy led me to this HobbyBoss Tomcat Sprues; which show AGM-88's, and AGM-84's which to my knowledge were not cleared for use by Tomcats. So what other kits does HobbyBoss make that would use these?, I've not seen sprue shots, but could these be for the impending A-6?.

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They have them in the F/A-18 kits also....

Bingo!!!! :thumbsup:

HobbyBoss makes F/A-18s in 1/48. The sprues came from those kits, which have been around for six or so years.


Bingo!!! echoed :thumbsup:

Thanks 2 quadrillion guys.....maybe it's time for me to just buy a kit and go with it, and not worry about what is not in the kit, instead of what is there.....those bean counters at HB/Trumpy just replicated (~------Star Trek Fan :D ) the Hornet sprue and in the process gave me some weapons for other future projects :nanner: :nanner:

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