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Question about Group Build Moderation

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Hey Guys, I have a question about being a moderator and more specifically about offering and gathering sponsors for raffle prizes. I am going to propose a NASA and all things related GB and think there may be a lot of potential sponsors and prize offerings considering all the space related products in the works now. I am more than willing to do the leg work as far as contacting and requesting some sponsors etc..., but I'm not in a financial situation where I could pay to have everything shipped to the winners beyond anything I myself offer as a prize. I see in your list of guidelines it's the moderators responsibility to make sure prizes are delivered. Does that mean if I can't pay to ship them, then they can't be offered? How are they typically done?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Bill,

Usually when someone offers a raffle prize, they are on the hook to ship it to whoever won it. If I personally offer prizes, I am responsible for mailing them out, if I mail the items to you, then you are responsible for mailing out. I believe what they mean by "it's the moderators responsibility" is that you as a moderator need to do your best to ensure that donors clearly know who the prize winners are, and issue friendly reminders if a prize is slow to get into the mail. You can only do so much to make someone mail something out, worse case, let the ARC Moderators know what your problem is, and work with their recommendations. I can tell you from first hand experience, when you have a lot of raffles going on, try to keep good records offline of who donated what and who wins what. I still have Gift Certificate winners from the GB I sponsored that never came forward to claim their prize, even after sending them PM's and posting in their threads. Just keep it honest and fair, and everything will work out just fine :thumbsup:/>



P.S. Stay engaged with your GB for the duration of the build, it will help keep others interested in finishing their entries. I already got my rocket ready to go!

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