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Introducing Speed Hunter Graphics!!

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I won't rule 1/72 out, but it will be a little while before I'll venture that road. I don't even own any 1/72 kits to scale the artwork.


1/72 scale Phantoms aren't a problem. I have Hasegawa, Accurate Minniatures/Monogram and Fujimi Phantoms that I can loan you for scaling..... :thumbsup:

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Hardly any decals for snub nose Phantoms for quite some time and a bunch'o decals get released,awesome quality ones at that.With the Academy F-4C being released and the decals,I am in Phantom heaven!

Hey Dave

I picked up the 02 sheet and an extra academy kit just to do the TH bird!! Now if I can ever get around to finish my viper this one would go next to in nicely! OH, and the hasegawa E model too! I need to get busy!!

take care!


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HI, I don't know if this is still an active site, but I'm trying find 1/32 hi-vis markings for either the F-4Cs or F-4Ds that I used to work on.  My unit is the 191st FIG out of Selfridge, with the yellow and black checkerboards (I see some decals on this site from my unit but it's not clear what might still be available).  Does anyone have any info?  Thanks!



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