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German colouring tips???

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I have been having difficulty lately with airbrushing german camouflage, does any one have some tips for this? I know there are many different styles with fading, squiggles, and circles.

Thanks, dave

Can you be more specific about your difficulties and what you're trying to achieve? What kind of airbrush are you using?

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It looks like your paint might be a little bit thick and one thing that I really like to do when painting camouflage is using fun tack the stuff you use when putting up posters, you roll it out in about 1/4 roles and lay it down when you are going to paint and mask off with tape where you don’t want to paint

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Thanks, that forum really helped! I guess its just going to take more practice, but I have one question. Are some of the camouflage (like the circles) just random? or were many of them planned?

Really hard to say, many of the more exotic/interesting schemes were field applied. Factory mottles tended to be more consistent but there was still significant variation in the pattren, size and density of the mottles

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