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Most decal sheets carry three to six different (or twenty for Sky Model sheets...) schemes and one or two sets of national markings all for the same aircraft. I know there are plenty of exceptions but there are lots and lots of sheets that conform to the one aircraft/several scheme pattern.

Since these sheets can cost $15 or more and probably most folks will only use one of the schemes, would it be practical to instead print sheets so that the different schemes may be cut apart with one cut and then have another sheet that has multiples of the national markings, also arranged for easy separation? That way, the decal maker could print two sheets of three schemes apiece and one sheet of six sets of national markings, cut them up and sell six different, one-scheme sets for a lot less apiece, but have the same overall profit?

I know I'd rather pay half as much for one scheme than the full price for three or four that I'd only use one of, think of it as the iTunes method applied to decals; why buy a whole album if you only like a couple of songs?

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I think this is a good concept; and it is one of the concepts that I would like to pursue next year. It is a lot of work though, because it absolutely requires the creation of another brand. I will not sell simpler, smaller sheets with downloadable instructions under the Caracal brand; I will create a completely separate, second brand for these.

Note that in the iTunes business model, there are hardly any transaction costs at the seller's side(apart from commissions to Apple). The seller does not do any extra work whether one person or six thousand people download the same song or app.(I am very familiar with the mechanics of this model as I also have an iPhone/iPad apps business) So it makes sense to sell a single song for $0.99, but I can't sell you a simple sheet for $2.99 - I have to get it from the storage drawer, put it in a 39-cent cardboard envelope, print a thermal mailing label, and take it to the post office. At that price point I would effectively be running a charity.

So $3 decal sheets will not happen, but I like the idea of offering smaller, simpler sheets for something like $5 (and no free shipping). I will start experimenting with this as soon as I have some time to set up the new brand. I have lots of other stuff to do for Caracal first: I don't yet have a Facebook page and it is costing me customers, like it happened during the Great ARC Outage of 2013. I am working on one right now.

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Fundekals have a similar set up, and it seems to work well. I know that if I could order EVERYTHING needed for one scheme (specific markings on one sheet, stencils/national insignia on a generic sheet) I'd order a-plenty.

Kursad, after buying your excellent ANG F-4 and T-33 sheets, I find myself wanting to build several of the schemes on the sheets. If you were able to sell the generic markings seperately, that would be great !

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