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KH 1/48 F-101A/C boxart

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If it gives the masses more things to complain about, it's all good.

Personally, I've got a huge issue with the cardboard used on the rest of the box. Way too roughly finished and I don't like the shade of brown.

Don't even get me started about the crappy shrink wrap....



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If this Kitty Hawk Voodoo is as good as their MiG-25 Foxbat kit, it will be just fine. And like the MiG, it will be the best kit of that plane yet produced, by any manufacturer.

BANGHEAD2.jpgouch!BANGHEAD2.jpg i hope, for every Voodoo lovers(and experts) ...that this new 1/48 F-101A/C will be (lightyears) way better, accuracy wise, than their foxbat... (not to talk about obvious quality control problems highlighted many times)

...which might still be the best foxbat available for scale modelers...

...but mostly because its compared with more than tree decades old turds, or models made/engineered by (almost) third world country companies... (the old turd is 4 decades old Revell kit... and yes i'm talking about Ukraine as a 3rd world country...and ongoing events prove me right! (western backed coup, corrupted oligarch leaders, neo-nazi riots and snipers... ))

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I'm to the point with these Chinese companies where I just hope they get most of the major shapes right and that the usual multitude of errors will be fixable. They've shown they can produce very good kits, that are well-engineered and fit together with a minimum of fuss. What they still haven't figured out is how to produce a good representation of their intended subject. It will be sad if, after the release of this kit, the best way to get an accurate single-seat F-101 will still be a Monogram/Koster conversion.


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I am optimistic so lets all be tha way! This is my favorite all time airframe so I am happy they are doing this variant which I thought would never have been kitted.

I did an article Way back in Feb. 1999 for SAMI on the converting the Monogram kit with the C& H Aero Miniatures and it is a bit of work. Not to mention a Natural Metal finish over a primed model before the era of AllClad!


I have quite a few references on this type and a few friends that have personal experience with this airframe so I would be more than happy to review the kit as soon as it is released unless someone wants to send me an early release wont be saying NO LOL.


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