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Hi, haven't been active for awhile and am just getting back on track, only have hit a snag.

I need glasses to see with and have discovered that if using a disposable dust mask, the type that has a metal strip at nose top for shaping to your nose (cheap ones) these fog my glasses in very quick time , what on earth do you guys visually impaired do?????????????

Regards Ian

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Lash out, and buy a full, or half, sprayer's face-mask. It might seem expensive, but each cartridge will last for several sessions, and the masks are designed so that they don't interfere with glasses.

There's also the consideration that, if your breath is getting out, to fog your glasses, paint fumes are very likely to be getting in. I was put off those disposable thingies, when a fellow modeller advised me to shake one, and a veritable rain of bits fell out of it; "Just waiting to fall on your wet paint," he said.


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Edgar said exactly what I was thinking, about your breath getting out and paint particles and fumes getting in. Those dust masks are only good for exactly what the name implies, dust. Those will only stop big particles of dust. Paint particles are infinitly smaller than dust particles. I use a MSA half face respirator with HEPA filter cartridges. I am optically challenged like you but the rubber seal around the respirator keeps my glasses from fogging up and the HEPA filter protects my lungs from the toxic paint particles and fumes. I hope this helps you.

Best Regards,

Ken Bailey


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Totally agree with everyone, but if you are just sanding then there are dust masks with a vent on the front to help you breathe easier and prevent fogging:



Thanks guys, should have been a bit more detailed.

I was alluding to its use for sanding resin, so, the vented type is ideal.

regards Ian

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Or you can run a piece of tape across the top of the mask to keep your breath away from the top and force it to exit lower down. Surgical or paper tape will work fine.


I'm with you on this Bob, I would use tape (lighter adhesive like the new green) masking (hey it is right in the name!) tape run across the top and it keeps the mask in place as well. Nice to hear you take the time to put one of these on when working with resin.
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