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CART Visteon Reynard

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Thanks for including me into the open wheel racing group build.

I picked this kit up at a show for $10 without the box. It's been sitting in my to build stack for quite some time now so when I saw this group build I knew this was the kit I wanted to do.

The kit itself is made by revell. The kit comes with 2 sets of tires (Rain & Slick) and 2 sets of wings (Road & Speedway). I haven't decided which way I will go with this kit yet.

A disappointment I have with the kit is the lack of engine. It is just a curbside kit so all my effort will be focused on the exterior of the car.

Here is a pre-build shot of the kit:


The decals:


The driver figure:


And the tires:


Thanks for looking.


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I'm afraid I am going to have to withdraw my entry in this group build.

While applying the decals to the driver and car they just disintegrated. Just my luck! Very disappointing to say the least.

I not completely throwing in the towel on the build, I'll look to see if I can find a replacement decal set.

Sorry everyone!

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Some mods may be required for the newer chassis but I think all can be used with that kit. Email him he may be able to cobble together driver decals as well.

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