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OS2U Kingfisher

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I'll be building the Monogram Kingfisher in 1/48 scale for this build. I haven't decided yet what markings I'll be using, but I'm leaning towards a yellow-wing version. I'll order some decals when I get along in the build.

Here is what you get in the Monogram box.


The kit is pretty basic, but still impressive for its age. The main float is not quite the right shape, and the cockpit is pretty spartan. I just put in an order for a resin cockpit from Lonestar Models. The build will really begin get rolling when it arrives. Soon I hope.

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Its been some time, but my LoneStar Models resin interior finally arrived last week.

The set consists of quite a few pieces.


Moldeing quality looks nice to me, but isn't as crisp as in some products. Nevertheless, the set will be far and above what I could scratch build.


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No pics just yet, but an FYI to anybody looking to buy the Lonestar interior set. The castings are nice, but the instructions are terrible. My favorite is the step which states something along the lines of "do the following, but do the next step first, and then come back to this one". Its nothing I can't figure out, but the process has been slow going. Thus far I've assembled most of the sidewall details. I'll post pics when they're painted.

Again, nice castings, but a skilled technical writer (and artist) could really make the Lonestar product shine.

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