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USS Indianapolis CA-35

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Getting started on my Academy Indianapolis. She will be water lined with lots of detail using Ponots' Advanced detail set. I highly recommend this kit over the Trumpeter offering. Very well engineered. The story so far...






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Thanks again but most of the credit is due to extremely well engineered and quality PE. (Pontos) Taking a break from said PE, I started to work on the base. This is my first attempt at a seascape so I kept it on a small scale. I must say I like the results thus far. Using a simple method of a thin layer of card board glued to a wood base. I then applied first coat of artist's acrylic paint, darkest blue first. After that I highlighted small areas with a lighter shade to provide some depth. After the first layer of silicone cures, I'll come back and build up the wakes and then dry brushing white.





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Thanks Bill. Well, no new project will be started. I have IKE to finish for a commission. Also on the table are Trumpeter's 1/200 Arizona, two Gallery 1/350 WASP class ships, and a Nimitz conversion to JFK in 1/350. I have enough to carry me on to Spring. jaw-dropping.gif

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Fantastic job! I love the detail on the 40mm and 5 inch mounts, they really bring things to life. Did Academy not provide deck edge railings with the kit. I know there are some Trumpy kits out there like that. From what I have read about the new Trumpy Belfast kit, it doesnt come with them either.


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Good point. I always like to build up in levels, and center out. The instructions are more or less guidelines for me. I always find that if I wait to install the rails, there is some part of the ship that is going to get in the way of my hand while I'm trying to be steady and get a good angle to line those delicate parts up.

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