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Grünherz Würger

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Hi Folks,

I managed to finish a plane since a long time, so now I'm happy. Here is the result. The background is not the best, but you can see what matters.

Any comments are welcome!











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Hello Guys,

Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate it very much!

Yes, the whitewash was done with the hairspray technique. The rivets helped a lot. I used Gunze hobby color as base, with Gunze hobby color thinner. Than Tamiya White thinned with alcohol and a little water, and than I removed it with alcohol. Some areas were damaged so badly, the base color was removed as well. These areas were repainted freehand (brush) with Vallejo colors. I know that I should use enamels as base, but I hate to spray those paints, so I rather repainted the damaged areas. The pinwash was Rembrandt Sepia thinned with white spirit. A little dirt was made around the wheels with pigments. That's all. It was fun to paint this kit, as the building went well and unproblematic. Highly recomended!

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