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1/48 Hasegawa F-14B Tomcat - Victory 103 - VF 103 Last Cruise

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Finally done after 7 months of work.

Some details

Kit - 1/48 Hasegawa F-14B (VF 103 Limited edition Boxing)

Cockpit - Aires

Exhausts - Aries

Decals - Fightertown (with a few kit decals)

Wheels - Royale Resin

Weapons - Tamiya (from the F-16 kits)

PE - Cross Delta detail set

Pitot and AOA probes -Master model

RBF Tags - Aires (vinyl) , Eduard (1/72 PE) and Fighterown (decals)

Paint - Mr Color, Mr Hobby and Tamiya,

Semi Gloss Clear Coat (Black bits) - Model Master Lacquer and Tamiya Acyclic

Flat Coat - Testors Dullcoate

I know it should have another AIM-9, but I was to far along when I noticed this, and really couldn't be bothered putting another one together











The build thread is here

More Photos on My Blog

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:jaw-dropping: :wub: :wub: :wub: Be still my rapidly beating heart..... can I say WOW!!! again. I've seen some outstanding builds in these and other forums, but this one takes second to none, however JesniF-16's HB build a tool for others to learn from; still this of one of the most magnificent 'cats to be seen in a while.
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Absolutely astonishing !

Btw, can you please tell me where can I buy exactly that Fightertown decals? I look at their site,but didn't find it. Can someone point me

at the right direction?

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