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1/48 & 1/72 kits for sale

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I need to move some kits to raise some cash for unexpected expenses:


1/48 Scale:

Italeri G.91 Gina w/Small World resin update set (sealed) SOLD

Classic Airframes TA-4J Aggressor (sealed) SOLD

Hasegawa A-4M (sealed)w/Eduard PE set $40

RoG/Hasegawa Ar-234C-3 (box open, bags sealed) $35

Monogram F-102 case xx wing (yellow bordered box)(sealed) SOLD

Tamiya F-117 w/HMMV (sealed) $50

Hasegawa A-7D 3rd TFS (box open, bags sealed)(this kit includes all the required ordinance unlike many other Hasegawa kits) $60

RoG EFA 2000 Eurofighter (sealed) SOLD

Italeri Wessex UH.5 (sealed) $42

Tamiya F-16C Block 32/52 Thunderbirds (sealed)(NOT the Far East tour) SOLD

Hobby Boss TBF-1C Avenger (box open, bags sealed) SOLD

1/72 Scale:

Italeri T-45 (sealed) $20

Hasegawa Shinmeiwa PS-1 (sealed) $20

Hasegawa P-3C Orion (box open, bags sealed) SOLD

Academy KC-97L (sealed) w/Airway Graphics decal sheet AGM7-002 SOLD



Eagle Strike Kosovo Falcons 32031 $5

Eagle Cals #38 Bf-109G-6's JG54 & JG51 $8

Yellow Wings 32-026 SDB-2 Midway Madness $10

Yellow Wings 32-001 SDB-2 Midway Madness Special Survivors $10

CE 32054 P-40B/C Part 4 SOLD

Eagle Strike 32014 P-40's $8

CAM 32-137 P-47N SOLD


CED 48011 Su-27 Flanker B $10


Techmod 72018 F4U-1A Corsair $5

Vince Maddux Decals E-3 Sentry (tail codes ZZ AK OK) sht number unknown SOLD

Detail sets (resin, metal/PE)


Hasegawa metal gun barrels & pitot for Ki-61 'Tony' SOLD


Eduard EX167 Masks for F-84G $5

shipping/postage extra from postal zip 63366

paypal or MO

if you're interested drop me a line:

jbrundt at yahoo dot com


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