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Last flight of the Battle Carrier Shinigami

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Holy crap! How did I not notice this thread before?!

Great job, MH. You've taken this kit to a level that really impresses me!

If you're curious, here's a link to the show:

Yamato 2199

The episodes you're looking for are 19 & 20, they include your ship. The whole series is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

I'm looking forward to seeing the end result of your build!

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Hey hanks for the link, I'll have to set aside some time to watch them.

I have been eying off that Polmera as well as a few of the other kits In this series, like the triple decker carrier and best of all, the dread naught - man, that is one HUGE ship/ model. Am so getting that when it gets released.

Since starting this I have developed quite the taste for the designs of these ships. So much better than the old series ships. I also want to get the twin fronted flagship too. Absolutely love the design.

In regards to this ship, I have been constructing the base and refining the electrics. I managed to get e plug system to work for me, so that makes everything else so much easier to assemble later

Anyways, thanks so much for the support guys. Its good to know that the effort involved is worth it. I say Effort because I exert so much dealing with photophucket ....

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Hi all

Well, I guess I wasn't as close to finishing as I thought. The base is a complete model on it's own. Not opting for a simple stand and base, I have gone for something more interesting - well, hopefully.

First up, I have found a good use for all those ship superstructure plates I have from all the ship models I have scavenged from. They make great buildings!






A very rudimentary box to contain it all - with thanks to my son for the use of his puzzles holding box - that has no puzzle left:


and a look at the very basic idea:


Of course, the base needs defending, so I am attempting to scratch up some wicked looking guns. I'll add stuff to them to make them look bulkier and meaner.



Everything is in its infant stage with so much more detail to add, but I thought I'd share what I have in mind.



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Greetings all

I have started to detail the base now and it appears that what I have in my head will actually work.

I have also slightly adjusted the base a little to include service tunnels - mostly to add more depth to the base.


you can just see the added surface detail i have been adding to the channels. They'll be much more noticeable once they're painted and washed:



and some plant machinery (well, the start anyway):




This should make it so the buildings don't look so perpendicular to the edges of the base - well, at least distract the eye a little from the fact they are.

I am also trialling something a little different for a light effect. If it works I'll post some pics

Anyways, must be off, I still have plenty more to go.

Thanks for looking


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Thanks Janne :) I am starting to like this series more and more well, the ships anyway - some of the stories leave a little to be desired for me

Well, I've been slowly plodding away at this. I have scratched up my own guns to go on the base a defenses






I have pretty much finished detailing the bit on the bottom of the base and have just started spraying the top part of the base. Will try to finish detailing the buildings tonight and from there it's on the that last part of it all and that is putting it all together

I've attached the carrier deck to the ship but I am still waiting to get the bridge section cast for me (I haven't seen the bloke who does it yet - been 2 months and a no show each time)

I'll post some more pics of the base soon



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Gorgeous guns are they just a scratch or did you use some pics. from the show to get a more accurate profile?

Any ships on deck except for the drill missile bomber??

This is a going be real nice I feel foolish if I post my pathetic little Polmeira carrier with 4 lights Duh Steve LOL

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Thanks guys

The guns are a figment of my imagination and don't exists on any show I know of.

There are no other ships for the deck at all, which is a shame because I would like some there to. I am not a fan of the drill ship and it looks to out of scale for me and a bit goofy

You reminded me to do a light test and I am happy to say the plug system works and so do the lights. Yay!

Will post an update again soon


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good evening all

Well, it's update time, and here is where I am currently at.

I have finished the first of the buildings and the guns are both painted. One of which is now attached to the first building. If these guns were real, man, they would be massive! But I think they look way cool none the less. I have also reduced the amount of fibers I had because it didn't look right and I thought it needed to be a bit more spacely set out. Lighting pics later:






I have started to do the second building now and so far so good. I changed the mast design I had originally to this much better looking one now. I found some 1/35 iron telegraph poles mae by Miniart and they were the perfect (well, almost - had to jig it a little) size to go over the inside pole which hides the power cables to the ship and holds the plug which it sits on. I think they look rather good, so I'm keeping it. I wanted an industrial look and I think I got it.






I have also finished "the pit". I wanted it to look grimy and dirty - a start contrast to the plates on the top level that the buildings sit on. However, painting is not my strong suite, so I may not have done it too convincingly. Its the second time I have ever used MIG pigments (a good practice run for my upcoming BR52 build later on). Sorry for the slightly blurry pic

Part 2 coming up....

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part 2:




And Ii thought I would try something a little different here. I bent a 5mm Fiber Optic thread, painted the bottom silver, wrapped some very thin strips of masking tape around the thread, then over that sprayed black then Iron to try and achieve a sci-fi looking energy pipe. I hope you can see it. Once the final photos are taken ytou should. It's one of those things you may or may not see - depends if your looking for it I guess:


And last but not least, the top plate. The blue service channels off set the metallic paint quite nicely I think: I will be adding more pipes and some other smaller structures to the plates as well - I just haven't got those parts yet. I have made my own pipes though that will feed from "the pit" to the mast. Don't ask me what function they would have 'coz I have no idea - Ii am just because I think it'll look cool


Well, that's all for now. Need to finish off the second building. Once that's painted and dried, both buildings will be set onto the plates then onto the base. The ship itself is almost finished - just need to get that bloody bridge section cast and the guns painted then I can call it done!

As always, if you have any feedback - good or bad - please feel free to post



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Awesome work I like the details. A s promised here is my Polmeira carrier. It is meager detail compared to your work But I added lights and built it straight out of box pretty much. I customized the stand to accept wiring and a switch and built it with a brass rod so the wiring could snake through. I hope you like it








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Greetings all

I am almost finished the base now – just a few things to tidy up, mostly just the edging.

I decided to plug everything in tonight to see how it looks, and I am pretty darn happy with myself. It’s come out really well – not too bright – just right. I am also glad I reduced the number of Fiber threads in the buildings – the effect is now just right. I had to spray the surface another colour because the Alclad scratched off a lot and it was looking pretty crap, so I have gone with a light gray and I am happy with the result.

The ship is finished bar the bridge section which is being cast in clear – so I should get that back in a couple of weeks. I also plugged that into the base and it works a treat. Pics of that part soon. In the meantime, I took some pics of the base so you can see what you think:







Thanks for stopping in guys

See you soon


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Thank you very much for the support guys - I appreciate it a lot

Well, the base is pretty much finished. The boarders are all on and look good (to me). I just need to spray on a flat coat, do a small amount of weathering to the pit surrounds and I’m calling it done.

I’ve been playing with the camera settings and I have finally got some decently exposed pics - all in focus (yay). These will be more evident in the upcoming ship shots I took tonight

First up, the base:






Next up, the updated ship shots:






And that’s it now until it’s finished! Thanks for stopping in and having a look!

Kind regards


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The Gamillian Empire was expanding aggressively, conquering low tech worlds and at the same time were fighting off a massive invasion from the Andromeda galaxy. They expanded much too fast and used too much force leaving them seriously overstretched and facing wide spread rebellion across their holdings. Eventually, the Empire began to crumble from within with the head of the Navy about to overthrow the Emperor in an attempt to make a much less fascist nation. By then though much too late to hold the Empire together.

On the Lesser Magellanic Cloud battlefront, Gamilla's forces were at their lowest. The last of the Gelvades Class Battle Carriers - the Shinigami was being patched back together for it's last fight at an old and once abandoned defense outpost. The ship that, while relatively 'new' in service, had seen so much action it was held together with duct tape and hope, facing an enemy they are gradually losing to in defense of an Empire that was falling apart several thousand light years away.....











Well, that's it. There are some decals to place on the deck, but they can wait and you won't notice the difference. The only sore point I have is the deck lighting isn't as strong as I would like it to have been brighter but at the same time, it also kind of works in my favor by staying in scale.

That's all for sci-fi from me for a little while - I have commenced my build of the mighty Trumpeter 1/35 BR-52 which will no doubt take me a VERY long time. After that, who knows - I may just come back with another of these fantastic Bandai 2199 kits - like the Dread Naught, Battleship or flagship. I haven't made up my mind yet :)/>/>

Thanks for watching everyone

See you around the boards :cheers:


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