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I have reworked a prop for the A-1 kit from Revell/Matchbox. The blades have been removed from the hub for ease of casting and will be easy to reset. This gives the front end of the airplane a more robust look. They will be available Wednesday and will cost $6.00 plus postage. You can pm me or contact me through the Cobra Company web site.

Chris M

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Thanks Chris. That's for 1/48, correct?

Is there any chance you would be looking to do replacement props for the 1/72 Hasegawa? I've got a master that I've been thinking of casting but I don't think that it would be sturdy enough with the resin I'm using...

I sent you a pm.


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Per Cobra Companies order form regarding international orders:

"International orders are NOT eligible for credit card use. Only International Money Orders or Monetgram (misspelled here, I think it is suppose to be Moneygram) acceptable. Payments must be in U.S. Dollars and must include shipping charges. Contact Cobra Company via email or letter to get a shipping for your order prior to placing the order. NO EXCEPTIONS"

Your best bet is to contact Chris at his email address with your order. In the past I have always printed out the order form from the website, filled it out, scanned it to a file that I can attach to an email and sent it in my initial email to Chris. Chris is very good about answering his emails and even better about processing orders. See we even here in the States have to send him orders in the mail too. I hope this helps!

Best Regards,

Ken Bailey


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