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Trumpeter's 1/200 Mighty Mo...Or.. WTF WAS I THINKING (Preview)

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Ummm yeah....

This is the thing I'm talking about:


Trumpeter's 1/200 scale USS Missouri. I didn't know what I was thinking when I preorder it from Megahobby.com for $340. Perhaps it's the fact I get an extra $10 for preorder and I pay no shipping handling charge.......Got this last Sat. and have been looking at the piece since.....Man what I was thinking?!?!?!? This thing is HUUUUUGGGEEEEE! Just the box was 47 inches long and weighted 15 lbs and I had a bissnatchie of a time sneaking it past SWMBO and into the study room closet. Once the "headpiece" is attached, it's 53 inches in length. Yeah, it's BIG! That shot my plan of once it's done, putting it up on the fireplace mantle for display. This is because the width of this thing is simply too wide and I'm not about to let $340 get spilled right onto the floor. Sigh, hope SWMBO will allow me to set it on the bedroom drawer.

Now, I'm just started on this. Been going through the instructions with a fine tooth comb, looking at what I can build and what can be saved for later. Somethings have to be build well after the fact, unless you want to knock 'em off and feed the carpet monster below! For ex. The 56 (FIFTY-SIX!!!) 20mm Oerlikons. Put them on the ship too early, you will probably loose half of them. Now Trumpeter did provide us with 4 extras to feed the monster below but I'll try to keep that to a minimum! I'm also waiting on some aftermarket stuff to see what can be purchased. Wood deck a definite. No way I'm gonna mask off all the spots on the deck to get it painted. Probably steel props too as there is a pour stub on every single blade, which means clean up will be annoying. Also, the plan here is try to build this puppy, quietly I may add till Christmas when the cat is finally out of the bag....Safe to say, you can't hide this thing forever, especially when the main superstructure gets put on the deck (Trumpeter will have you do it after everything is on there. I don't think so! You are just asking to break the radar and delicate antennas right off!) The plan is to build it far enough along that SWMBO doesn't think it's a good idea to use the hull as a 53 inch bat and chalk me over the head with it (Rather, I just to get to sleep on the sofa for 1 month, maybe 2 week since by that time, it's the holiday season!)

Anyways, working on the pictures right now. Will post them later. This will be a LONGGGGGG Build. 1547 plastic parts + 11 (ELEVEN) frets of photo etch will do that to you. And besides, with kids and SWMBO taking up time (SWMBO + kids = Your hobby time drops down to the nadir I swear), it will mean I have very little time to really sink my teeth into this, that what with other projects, model and non-modeling relate also eat at my time. But will keep you guys posted!

P.S. What are the colors for the ship during her surrender ceremony? I know the deck is navy blue (The wood deck will take care of that), the rest? Especially in either Model Master or Tamiya? Thanks guys. Will keep posted!

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Whoa; I didn't this model existed cool.gif !

Would love to see some pics with size comparison on that baby 377.gif !

It was just released a few months ago, I got one for christmas, so I'm looking for some good builds to review so I can see where the snags are with it

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