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Teased this in my Tyrrell thread. Figured I'd post updates here. Won't do a full wip cause these tiny cars and parts are impossible for me to photo with my phone. Just will do periodic updates wen I have them.

As shown previously he body was sanded and painted with Tamiya's chrome yellow. Then I applied the green Tameo decals. Tameos decals are superb and printed by cartograf so they go on like paint.

If you wanted to paint this yourself on my 1/20 kit I used Tamiya's Park Green.

Anyway here it sits. Have a few tiny bumps to smooth with more microsol and I sprayed a little park green in a plate to touch up around the sidepod openings.



I chose not to drill out the air intake and will just paint it black on this one. I do need to go and drill out all the suspension points.

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Getting the decals on the body slowly. I also drilled out all the suspension holes with a pin vice.



I've had the rear wing fall apart on me twice so I'm going to strip it and start over. Front wing is almost done I still have to put a couple pe pieces on then do the decals.

I did paint and decal the wheels. The oz racing yellow rings for the wheels weren't quite big enough but I managed to fenagle them. Have to sand the tires soon ill probably use the wet tires but the kit came with both!

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Main body decals are complete.

Working on wings and started tires.

I also started working on 1:43 scale Michael Schumacher.



The stupid rear wing that's fallen apart 3 times already.


Front wing. Still missing two wing parts and needs some paint touch up.





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The driver figure is done. Will add the helmet near the end.

Front wing is also together. I need to do some slight touch up of the yellow paint then will be able to decal. Everything is dry fit here.


I bent up the front suspension arms and test fit. They fit perfectly! Will hopefully assemble them tonight and get them on. Which will only leave the dreaded rear wing that has given me so many problems.

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This is coming together nicely, I love these Benetton cars. I need to get some more 1/43 kits. I've got an almost finished MP4/5 that I loved building, reminded me of jewelry making from college. Tameo kits are lovely. I found adding the front suspension and wheels the most difficult part though.

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Yea I find that when I'm working on one it makes me feel like more of a craftsman than a builder. They are a pleasure if not tedious.

So I'm working on it right now. Almost! have the rear wing together. I have the front suspension on and finished. So I'm looking in the box and I have no mirrors. Not sure what ill do about that yet. I can't remember if I painted them and have since lost them or if they were just never in the kit. I guess I'll have to clean my work areas.

Never mind found the mirrors inside one of the second set of tires. Boy they're small.

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Well I am defeated.

I had the rear wing almost completely together. Everything was square and it looked good. But the main planes either are too wide or were not seated into the endplates properly so the smaller wings would not reach each end plate. In trying to squeeze everything together it all fell apart. Again.

To remedy this I began working on sanding the ends of both main planes to get them to sit right in the ends. In doing the smaller one the entire wing support came off and flew off into the nether. No carpet and I never heard it hit the ground so I have no idea where it is. I looked for about a half hour and just got disgusted so I gave up. I am defeated.

I'll email Tameo and see if I can get a replacement but who knows when that will ever get here if they have something. The instructions have the pe frets drawn to 1:1 scale so I may try n cut my own pieces out of a pop can or something. Either way it's on hold.

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