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Hi there,

here is one of my latest creations. I really like to build dioramas, I mean I love them and whenever I build one, I prefer to do something unusual. We all know those typical aircraft dioramas and just to make sure I have build several of them myself, like aircraft maintenance or a crash landed aircraft. Everyone of us knows them and if build with the right eye for details they can look awesome even breathtakingly good. But I do not like them anymore, simply because aft6er having seen virtually a gazillion of them I wanted to create something different and that became for me the biggest fun and challenge in creating some different dioramas, whichh involve aircraft and or ships.

So here is a dio which was build by me, because I wnated to see if I can create something very dynamic like an explosion, take a look for yourself and let me know what you think, does it look realistic or not?

The scale is as ususal for me 1:72, everything is scratch build with the exception of the aircraft which is the Airfix Skyhawk. All photos were taken by a good friend of mine, Albert Moser.

Have fun!











Cheers René

I think this needs another look... :smiley-whacky084:

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